Babahu X1 - Smart Toothbrush for Kids

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Color: Pink.

Babahu is a fully-automated toothbrush that is designed based on the Bass technique of toothbrushing. 

  • AI-Powered Smart Chip
  • Built-in Audio Alert for Children
  • 12x as Powerful as Traditional Brushing
  • 6D Clean at 45° Angle
  • Deep Clean 20 Seconds
  • Daily clean and Gum Care

-What is babahu X1 Smart Toothbrush

Babahu X1 smart toothbrush is the world's first AI-powered fully automatic toothbrush that can brush your teeth perfectly using Intelligent Artificial Algorithm. With its built-in nine-axis sensor and self-developed accurate localization algorithm, babahu cleans your teeth at different frequencies, providing the most efficient clean at a suitable level of comfort.

-Why babahu X1 Smart Toothbrush

Most of us may think that brushing teeth every day is boring, and most people cannot brush their teeth properly! According to research, 90% of adults do not know how to brush their teeth correctly, and 73% do not have the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. For the kids, the caries rate has reached a staggering 70%. All of these may cause a series of dental diseases and problems, and that's why we created babahu toothbrush to maintain good dental health.

What Can babahu Bring to You:

-Much efficiency

The built-in AI-powered smart chip, Babahu X1 can adjust the vibrational frequency according to your teeth cleanliness, which kills 99.99% of oral bacteria in 20 seconds, and gives you hands free brushing experience.

-Safety & hygiene

FDA medical approved brush bristles are made of liquid silicone gel which is molded into the unibody at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. The unibody can reduce the germs embed into the gap among toothbrush bristles.

-Intelligent brushing

The Bass method is recommended by 80% of dentists worldwide and well-known. Designed on Bass technique, the 6D soft bristles cover your teeth at a specific 45° angle and provide 360° deep clean. Each bristle's vibration amplitude is at only 1 mm. It is easy for us and the kids to brush teeth intelligently without learning.

-More fun

Built-in audio alert for kids to identify different operation circumstances, like "Great","Keep it up", "Please bite gently", "See you next time", etc. It can encourage our kids to brush.

  • One Press to Start
  • 12x as Powerful as Traditional Brushing
  • Deep Clean in 20 seconds
  • 6D Soft Bristles provide 360° Clean
  • Cleans Teeth from 6 Sides at 45°angle
  • Optimum Gum Protection
  • Kid Friendly with 1 meter anti-drop
  • Designed for Adults and
  • Children Ages 2-6 and 6-12
  • FDA Approved Manufacturing Materials
  • Shareable Brush Body
  • Adjustable Brush Head for Family Use
  • Customizable Frequency Periods
  • 30-Day Standby Power
  • 2-hour Charge Period
  • Travel Friendly
  • IPX7 Waterproof- Easy to Clean
  • Convenient Brushing Reminders
  • Wireless Fast Charging