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Watch Functionality: The Dot Watch lets you experience time in a completely new way: without sound, just by yourself. It provides direct access to all the practical features you need so many times throughout each day: Time and Date, Alarm Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. It even tells you the time down to the second. Truly, a new sense of time.

Managing Calls: Get ready for an amazing new experience: know who is calling without seeing it. When you receive a call on your smartphone, the Dot Watch vibrates and displays the name of the caller. Your friend? Pick up with a big smile on your face. Your boss, on the weekend? Decline with the tap of a button and call back later.
Messaging: Every text message you receive on the smartphone is instantly translated to Braille and forwarded to your Dot Watch. Read it fast and comfortably with the intuitive touch controls on the watch face and customizable Auto-Scroll. Directly save important messages to check again later.
Organization: With the Dot Watch, you are prepared for the day, every day. Connect it to your calendar app to receive reminders for upcoming appointments. Automatic updates from your weather app in the morning allow you to adjust your wardrobe for a sunny day – and let you know in time when rain is on the horizon. Have a great day!
Social Networking:Dot Watch can display notifications from any app you have on your smartphone, including social networking and news. Never miss a tweet, post or news story again. You can see these instantly or at intervals, as adjusted through your notification frequency. Stay connected to the world, at your own rhythm.
Mobility: The Dot Watch is the perfect travel companion, on the daily commute as well as on vacation. Notifications from your metro or airline app tell you when the next train will arrive or if the gate for your flight has changed. Getting from A to B has never been so comfortable.
Learning Braille: The Dot Watch unleashes it's full potential to those who can read Braille. But it's also the perfect device to get you started: The Dot Watch Braille learning program is a simple, intuitive and entertaining way to learn and practice Braille letters and words. Ready? Let’s go!
Elegance: The Dot Watch has won many international design awards and is sold in art museums. What makes it special is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. The timeless round shape and minimalistic silver Milanese wristband feel comfortable every day and go with every outfit.
Durability: Made from super light aluminum, the Dot Watch weighs only 60 grams. Nevertheless, it’s extremely durable. Perfect for every day and any activity. Even more so with the additional water and dustproof cover.
Battery Life: The Braille cells of the Dot Watch are powered by our own patented actuator technology, uniquely based on magnetism. This reduces power consumption to the absolute minimum, for up to ten days with one charge. Don't think about the battery. Explore the world.
Dot Watch App: Control and customize, conveniently.
Customization: With the intuitive Dot Watch app, you can easily configure many parameters of your watch. From refresh speed to choosing one of nine languages, including Chinese and Arabic. 
Find your watch: Using the Dot Watch feels so good, you won't ever want to take it off. If you do, finding it again is easy: just tap the button in the app. Your watch will vibrate, so you can track it down.
Automatic updates: The Dot Watch is continuously updated with more features. Downloaded and installed automatically through the Dot Watch app.