EarFun Free - Wireless Earbuds

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Color: Black.

EarFun Free is a pair of True Wireless Earbuds that integrates all of the latest mobile audio techs.

  • Snug Fit Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Fit
  • Instant Pairing & Stable Bluetooth Connection
  • IPX7 100% Waterproof
  • 6mm Graphene Driver for Superior Sound
  • 30-Hours Uninterrupted Play Time
  • Advanced Wireless Charging
  • Noise Canceling Hands-Free Calls
  • Intelligent Voice Assistant

One of a Kind: EarFun Free is a pair of True Wireless EarBuds that integrates all of the latest mobile audio technologies to deliver incredible sound and an unforgettable "EarFun" experience.

Relentless test result in a snug fit & ergonomic design: EarFun Free will remain secure when you’re on-the-run, working out, or even playing paraglider! It has an ergonomic design that can perfectly fit in every unique ear shape.

We dedicated 240 days to researches with 3D printing and modeling tests, analyzed against thousands of human ear shapes. So in terms of comfort level, EarFun Free Earbuds are second to none.

Magnetic Tech Keep the Earbuds Securely Attached:

Never worry about losses of earbuds no matter the case they’re in is closed or opened. EarFun Free’s magnetic tech creates a rock steady fit and attracts the earbuds to the case when they are near to it.

Instant pairing after a one-time fingertip setup: The most frustrating part of wireless devices is that constant stopping to reset and reconnect is a pain when connection issues occur. To eliminate this hassle, we concentrated R & D on creating a super stable, worry-free connection.

15-Meter Listening Distance: EarFun Free is powered by the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 protocol which dramatically enhances the stability and connection of the earbuds. After a one-time setup, the earbuds will automatically turn on and pair with your smart device. Just open the case and wear them,  EarFun Free works flawlessly within a range of 15 Meters (49 Feet).

100% IPX7 Sweat & Waterproof: Take EarFun Free with you even when kayaking or surfing! EarFun Free is protected by the Innovative SweatShield Technology. We developed this unique technology that hermetically seals the internal circuitry so EarFun Free will keep every single bead of sweat on the outside where it belongs.     

Most of the “waterproof earbuds” on the market use the nano-coating method to resist water. However, the coating is easily corroded after only 1-3 months usage. On the contrary, EarFun Free’s SweatShield Technology is immune to corrosive sweat as well as water.

30h = Play Time:

To provide over 4000-hours standby time, EarFun Free particularly designed the circuit with exceptionally low-power consumption and equipped with the high-quality lithium battery from VDL. More than 4000 hours which is about 6 months of standby time and with the current lower than 50 μA, EarFun Free is now 10 times the standby time of competitors. It undoubtedly renders EarFun Free the longest standby true wireless earbuds!

With EarFun Free, you are 100% hands-free: Voice command makes it more convenient control of EarFun Free. You can easily access your voice assistant to make a phone call, choose your music and more. Using this process, you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket or touch it.  

Intuitive Button Controls: Many earbuds suffer from imprecise touch control that can result in false signals that interrupt your listening experience or accidentally hang up a call. It can also be difficult to exert control when working out. EarFun solves this problem with a special control button that triggers command with only 80g of force, about half of the pressure needed by typical earbuds. The result is smooth and accurate control changes only when you want them.

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