Fotofami Memories G1-iOS

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Color: Silver.

Back up photos and videos from your iPhone, free up iPhone memory and iCloud space. Getting tons of photos organized. Fotofami recognizes every family members and friends. It groups photos and creates timelines for everyone. Just tap a button, any Moment can be slide-showed in music.

Fotofami is very easy to use. You won't need a manual.

You can find our demo video above.


  1. Will this retrieve photos from iCloud automatically?

Fotofami will retrieve photos from iCloud if you have switched on ‘iCloud Photo Library’ in Settings.

  1. Can I transfer photos from Fotofami to my computer?

Yes, you can transfer photos from Fotofami to PC/Mac. 

  1. Does Fotofami compress my photos/videos?

No, it doesn’t.  Fotofami stores photos and videos preserving their original quality.

  1. What if I lose my Fotofami?

If you, unfortunately, lose your Fotofami, you will lose all data in it. However, your photos and videos in Fotofami remain safe even a stranger gets it since they are encrypted.

  1. Is there a battery in Fotofami? Do I need to charge it before use?

No, there is no battery in Fotofami. Just plug it into an iPhone/iPad, then it’ll work.

  1. You said it's driven by A.I. Does it upload my photos?

No, Fotofami does NOT upload users photos. Face recognition is done locally.

  1. Is there a way to make sure everything was transferred onto this device before I completely delete all items from my iPhone?

The app compares all items one by on between iPhone and Fotofami device, on criteria as time and size. It will make sure they are 100% identical before prompting users to free up their iPhone space by deleting the copies in iPhone.

However, even after you press delete, the deleted pics are still in your iPhone camera roll trash box, namely “Recently deleted”.  You can review them with the ones in Fotofami Timeline to make sure they are already transferred.