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Track your luggage anywhere across the globe, from a smartphone.

How it Works

LugLoc Keeps Track Of Your Luggage, And Keeps Your Journey Alive!

LugLoc is a geo-tracking solution that helps you track your bags at virtually any airport in the world. Lugloc is for everyone! Whether traveling for business, vacation, or with large valuable items. It packs inside any size bag, making it smarter and traceable. Together with the free mobile app, LugLoc lets you focus on what really matters and makes your trips more relaxing and enjoyable.


  • Complimentary Initial Service

The first 30 days of luggage tracking is on us! Then it's easy to add more location tracking in the mobile app for as little as $4.99 per month.

In order to protect your luggage, your bag has to be able to send a signal from anywhere in the world. The only way that’s possible is for device to have a SIM card like your phone.

Luckily, LugLoc comes with it’s own SIM card so your luggage can be located virtually everywhere. Whether in airports, hotels or up in the mountains, we can find it and report its location on your mobile app.

And we make possible for you to have this peace of mind location service by paying only when you need it. Choose an optional service plan in app now or later, no obligation!

  • Airline Flight Compliant

Patented Triaxial Accelerometer (FAA, TSA and FCC compliant) allows device to detect flight and "goes to sleep" when your plane takes off and "wakes up" upon landing.

  • Connected Luggage with Long Battery Life

Rechargeable battery that lasts 15 days, perfect for frequent travelers or road warriors.

  • Reliability of GPS Luggage Tag

LugLoc uses Cell-Tower Connected Technology, which is more reliable indoors than GPS chips, to track luggage in airports, due to unstable or direct connection to GPS satellites in the sky. You'll see a small radius on a map displaying location. While not "exact" like traditional GPS chipset devices, you'll know where your luggage is at all times, keeping your journey alive.


Charge the LugLoc for the first time in ON mode 24 hrs to a wall power source. Please use a regular USB cable and power brick.


Download the LugLoc App to your IOS or Android phone you are using. You can also enter the LugLoc web app at


Create an account by registering your email and choose a password to login to the LugLoc App.


Please associate the LugLoc to your account by entering the 8 digit number on the back of the device. You can also


After the LugLoc is associated to your account you can begin tracking how to track.


Once your trip is over fully charge your device and turn it off until your next trip.

 Why LugLoc is Better: LugLoc TSA-compliant Luggage Tracker tracks your bags better than any airline! The wireless luggage locator is TSA compliant and works when packed into virtually any airline travel bag from luggage, to golf bags, ski bags, professional equipment, even cargo shipments.

Like other locators, it has Bluetooth to send proximity alerts when in range of bag. For example, when the bag arrives at the luggage carousel. Because it has a SIM card it connects to cell towers worldwide in every country except Japan, South Korea and Australia. It’s the best tracker your money can buy for worry-free travel.