MOD1 - Wireless Headphone

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Color: Rose Gold.

The Mod-1 boasts better bass and comfort than every other pair of headphones, even when the volume isn't turned up. Mod-1 has noise cancellation through isolation - meaning once music is playing, the shape of the ear cups isolate incoming sound to just the music. To keep the product lightweight, the battery life of Mod-1 is typically 8 hours, however they can be used indefinitely while connected with the auxiliary cable. With the ability to keep using them while they are charging, you can easily wear them 24/7.

Their functions include:

  • L/R headphone indicator printed on earpads
  • Real announcer voice for informative alerts
  • Skip/Play/Pause buttons
  • Aux AND Bluetooth
  • NFC chip fast connection
  • Folding design
  • SD card slot.