Smile Runner - Watch

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SmileRunner: Exercise like a pro, track your workouts like a pro.

  • Built-in GPS
  • Indoor/outdoor running modes
  • Track comprehensive training data
  • Multiple sports modes
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • HD color display
  • Weather forecast
  • Instant message notification
  • Customizable clock face and wristband

Introducing SmileRunner, the most affordable sports wristband with built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor, making your workouts more scientific and your results more accurate. SmileRunner also features an HD color display, is IP68 waterproof, with multiple sports mode, and sleep monitor.

SmileRunner tracks all of the data points you need to maximize your results. In the app, you can easily see all of the data you care with SmileRunner, including:

Heart rate: Tracking your heart rate could take your training to the next level. The heart-rate training uses your heart rate as a guide for your training intensity. Using your heart rate, you will be able to train your cardiorespiratory system to work at a specific level for a set amount of time.

Pace: Learning to properly pace yourself is one of the most critical skills a runner can develop.  SmileRunner tracks your running pace to help you understand and adjust your training plan.

Steps per minute: steps per minute is essential for runners who want to know their running style and stress on knees, for example when spm increases from 155 to 180 (which is the best spm for marathon runners), the stress on knees will reduce for 25%. While many fitness trackers cannot track spm, SmileRunner can provide you your precise spm.

Besides, SmileRunner also tracks other important data such as distance traveled and calories burned. Monitoring your heart rate is extremely important, especially for health enthusiasts like you. SmileRunner is here for you, making use of science to accurately track your heart rate and steps, breaking everything down to easy-to-understand statistics.

SmileRunner will tell you the amount of time you have been working out, your heart rate and its corresponding Heart Rate Training Zone (Z1-Z5). Just knowing your heart rate isn't enough, which is why SmileRunner features five unique Heart Rate Training Zones, so you know where your pulse is at any given moment. Knowing your Heart Rate Training Zone will help you maximize your results. You'll know when to speed up to kick your fat-burning system into overdrive, and when it's time to take a break. Unlike most fitness wristbands, the built-in GPS of SmileRunner allows you to locate yourself without your phone within 8 seconds, on empty fields. The MT2523 chip makes SmileRunner very accurate and reliable. This quick and straightforward feature will ensure you never lose your way and are always on the path to success.

SmileRunner provides both treadmill mode and running mode to satisfy your professional needs. With both indoor and outdoor running modes, you can use SmileRunner anywhere. Whether you're jogging through the city, on an outdoor track, or even on a treadmill at the gym, you can track your pace and running data to stay on pace. SmileRunner serves as your personal 24/7 fitness tracker. As you run, SmileRunner provides you with instant updates on:

  • your steps taken
  • calories you've burned
  • your heart rate
  • how much sleep you've gotten

With SmileRunner, you can use specific modes to track your data:

  • Running (Outdoor) / Treadmill
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Skiing

You shouldn't let rain or sweat ruin your workout. SmileRunner is IP68 waterproof meaning it's perfectly capable in a downpour outside, in the shower, pool, or if you're drenched in sweat from a personal record-breaking workout.

There's nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm halfway through a run. SmileRunner will keep you up to date with local weather, three days in advance. Whenever you get a text, the wristband will vibrate, and you can read the text easily on the display. Even more, if you get a call and don't have your phone with you, you'll see a missed call notification on the built-in screen with the caller's name. It weighs only 26.8g and is durable enough for daily use. SmileRunner features a four-day battery life if fully used, and in standby modes the battery lasts for two weeks.