Smooth Q – Smartphone Stabilizer

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With the best selling Smove Mobile stabilizer packed with pro gimbal features. Built-In Power Bank. Full Wireless Control. Built-In Extension. Features: Built-In Power Bank, Mini Tripod Included, Full Wireless Control, Built-In Extension, Auto Face & Object Follow.

Manual Zooming for Freer Capture: By connecting to the dedicated mobile APP, ZY Play, via Bluetooth, Smooth-Q allows instant zooming control of the camera right through the stabilizer. With a single push or pull of the switch, you can focus and capture the moment more freely.

Improved engine torque with greater applicability The Smooth-Q not only supports large size mobile phones, but also allows external extensions, such as lenses, compensating reflectors, microphones, etc., to support a variety of main applications.

Empowered by Newly Optimized Stabilizing System Powered by the 5th Gen. Instune Algorithms combined with the world's most advanced electronic stabilizing system, Smooth-Q has realized 40% improvement in its torque output, supporting a max. payload of 200g.

Multiple Intelligent Controls: With the various innovative functions of the ZY Play, Smooth-Q not only perfects your footage with nice cinematic impact, but also realizes multiple smart controls. By activating the Object Tracking function, the gimbal and phone camera will be configured to follow and focus the target automatically, so now you can record any live moment. In addition, it also supports time lapse, slow motion, long exposure, multiple filters and more to inspire your creativity.

Greater in Power, Lighter in Weight: Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, Smooth-Q not only supports an ultra-long continuous runtime up to 12 hours, but further backs up for extended mission allowing connection with portable power source through USB port. Saving your time and load with a super compact construction of only 440g, with it, now you can really travel light without missing a single moment on the road.

Convenient Charging Anywhere Anytime: Designed with a Micro USB power input port on the side, Smooth-Q allows convenient direct charging from any fixed or portable power source via a USB port, and you will never miss any important moments with Smooth-Q in hand.

5V Power Output For Real-time Charging: A 5V/2000mA power output port on the gimbal allows convenient real-time charging to the smartphone, enhancing both the portability and practicability of phone-shooting to utmost extent.