Stilla Motion

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Things will never be by themselves again. Stilla Motion is here to change the way we look at security forever. Use it by placing it on anything you wish to guard — make it come alive by supporting this campaign.

Stilla Motion is an instant security system that you can take with you wherever you go, and use for whatever you like. Place it in a purse or a stroller, in a backpack or a jacket, and get an instant alarm on your phone or smartwatch the second it moves. And as if that weren't enough, Stilla Motion also has a strong built-in speaker that will let everybody nearby know if someone is touching your stuff.

The second your belongings move with an activated Stilla attached to them, you will be alerted through your choice of alarm: smartphone, smartwatch, Stilla Motion's built-in speaker — or all three.

Place it on your stroller and enjoy a day in the park without looking over your shoulder for it — or attach it to the cookie jar and keep sweet-toothed culprits away.

It will alert anybody nearby when necessary. At the same time, the Stilla Motion app will let you know if you walk out of range. This means you will never again leave a bag or jacket behind like they don't have feelings too. Pretty smart if we may say so ourselves. 

Attach your Stilla to just about anything that you want. Stilla Motion comes with a protective cover and adhesive tape that allows you to easily fasten wherever you need it.

Stilla Motion is easily activated with a quick squeeze, or inside the app. In the app, you can also pick between modes for your protection; choose whether you'd like the built-in sound to go off with the alarm, or if a simple notification to your phone or smartwatch will be enough for now.