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Color: Grey.

UNI TWS is the world's most advanced true wireless earbuds designed with superior Hi-Fi sound and ultra-long playtime. It's your perfect workout companion with secure fit and an IPX-7 waterproof rating. 

  • 1st Wireless Charging Earbuds
  • Over 360-hour Battery Life
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • IPX-7 Waterproof
  • Powered by aptX
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0
  • Intuitive Touch Sensor

Tired of running out of juice when you need your music the most? The UNI charging case has a 3500 mAh premium built-in battery. Once fully charged, the charging case can support 360 hours of playtime for the earbuds. Every time you finish listening just put the earbuds back into the case to be recharged. For 3 to 4 hours of use a day, a fully charged charging case will let you enjoy wireless music for up to a month between charges!

Ultra long standby time and playtime let you spend more time enjoying music and less time charging. UNI earbuds deliver an incredible 360 hours' of playtime when used with the charging case. Avoid the hassle of wires and power up quickly by simply placing the UNI charging case on the charging pad. Or, use your smartphone's Qi charging pad to get UNI juiced-up and ready to rock. Never worry about dead batteries again! With a massive 3500mAh capacity battery, the UNI charging case can provide additional charging power for your smartphone or other mobile devices. It's a reliable emergency power supply in times of need. UNI features a customized driver made with graphene - a highly conductive, flexible, and strong material consisting of latticed carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal pattern. This advanced material allows UNI to produce mids and highs that are rich in details and perfectly balanced with the bass tones. UNI achieves CD quality high fidelity sound by employing aptX technology. aptX audio enables Bluetooth wireless devices to deliver High Definition (HD) audio. It works by preserving sound data during transmission by constantly sampling audio between one moment in time and the next to accurately reproduce the best audio even after compressing and decompressing. It is also uses low battery consumption & has low latency for the best possible wireless listening experience. One unfortunate issue with most wireless headphones on market is latency and drop-outs. It's especially unbearable when you are watching a movie or playing games. UNI features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to transmit sound faster in a super stable way. In addition, it can also seamlessly sync with visual media thanks to its Low Latency aptX feature. UNI TWS earbuds are 100% IPX7 rated waterproof inside and out for sports and protection from harsh environments. This means the earbuds can be fully submerged in water up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) deep for 30 minutes. So now you don't have to worry when you're swimming, surfing, or hiking in the rain. UNI is simple to setup and enjoy. ONLY open the charging box, take earbuds out of UNI case and they will seamlessly pair with each other automatically. In a matter of seconds, you are immersed in the world of music. No downloads, now manual setup and no waiting. Voice AI Control (for Siri, google, Microsoft Voice AI). Intuitive touch sensor, just tap to activate. We tested UNI with over 100 unique human ears to create an incredibly ergonomic and comfortable design. Enjoy all-day listening comfort with soft, snug earbuds that perfectly fit your ears. You can't control how noisy your environment is. But you can control what you hear. UNI earbuds use the advanced Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology to reduce ambient noise. UNI creates an incredibly immersive and clear sounding audio environment that keeps unwanted sound out.