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Charger, Memory, KickStand, Emergency Power...all packed 1-inch. Take it with you always, on the go.

To end the frustration of carrying tangled cables & loads of multiple accessories, WonderCube is the SMALLEST POSSIBLE all-in-1 charger that brings peace of mind to smartphone users. It unfolds in many ways to meet different needs: Fast Charging, Sync, KickStand, Memory Expansion or even Emergency Power to your phone. It disguises in a 1-inch cube lives on your keyring. We like to use crowdfunding platform to share this innovation so that more people can enjoy complete freedom on-the-go.

Introducing WonderCube!: The world's smallest all-in-1 mobile solution for on the go generation, small enough to sit on your fingertip. It can unfold and transform in many ways to meet your needs. Carry one tiny keyring with nothing left behind:

Key Features 

A Cable You'll Have With You All The Time 

  • Type-C, Apple MFi Lightning, Micro USB compatible. ( including iPhone X, iPhone8, 8+, Samsung S8, S8+, Note 8)
  • No tangled cable. No Messy.
  • Integrated with a 3-inches foldout flexible USB cable.
  • Neatly folded in just 1-inch, the cable is safely protected without any exposed contacts.
  • Durable and compact. 
  • Designed to go with you everywhere.

 Quick Charge Anywhere Anytime

For those all-too-often instances of low battery, WonderCube is always there to power up your devices, whether you are on a trip, at cafe, in car, at work or anywhere on the go.

  • High speed optimal charging supports up to 3A. 
  • The built-in connectors ensure fast charging through any USB port to keep you stay connected.

 KickStand: Portrait + Landscape

WonderCube has you covered with its innovative phone stand to prop up your phone in portrait or landscape mode to watch a movie or Skype on the go.

  • Strong and reusable micro-adhesive backing (3M™) 
  • Easily attach or detach on phone back panel as a stable kick stand.
  • Stick to different positions to adjust your best viewing angle.

Extra Memory On The Go

  • Features a built-in micro-SD card reader.
  • Expand your phone capacity for extra 128GB. (micro-SD support)
  • Share photo, music, movie during your next trip.
  • Works perfectly as a USB Flash Drive.

(Note: OTG function currently works on Android devices only)

 Drained Phone NO MORE!

We all share that desperate feeling holding a drained phone. Never again!

  • Integrated with a battery charger, ready for emergency power boost anytime.
  • Just pop the top open and plug in a 9V battery from any nearby store, to give an significant boost for up to 2-3hrs extra talk time for both iOS and Android devices. 

Back Up & Transfer Data Anytime

WonderCube is a fully functional cable for file transfers and back up. A quick and handy way to sync up your photos, music and videos with or without a network.

LED Mini Torch

Whether you're coming home late or trying to find something in the dark. WonderCube has you covered with a convenient LED mini torch. All-in-1 WonderCube disguised as a handy LED keyring torch designed for your everyday journey.

Compatibility: WonderCube is compatible to both Apple and Android devices. It works perfectly with any device that requires a Lightning connector (such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad, iPad Mini etc.) , a Type C or MicroUSB connector (such as Android phones, mini speakers, headphones, bluetooth earbuds etc.)